Kings of Tallinn 2023. Independence Day Special. Photo: Elena Kask.
Kings of Tallinn 2023. Independence Day Special. Photo: Elena Kask.

2023 Kings of Tallinn Sets the New Gold Standard

Poker OlyBet Poker 09.03.2023

The 2023 Kings of Tallinn was a success by any measure, with attendance records broken for all major events at Olympic Park Casino and the adjoining Hilton Tallinn Park from Feb. 24 to March 5.

The festival boasted a massive schedule of 53 numbered events with buy-ins ranging from €60 all the way up to €3,000. This is on top of free satellites giving value to all our players regardless of their bankrolls.

While there was no shortage of hold’em events, there were other fun formats in pot-limit Omaha, Sviten Special, Open Face Chinese, Soko, 8-Game, and more. In addition, the schedule boasted not one but three mystery bounty events, including the popular new event, the €150 GGPoker Flip&Go Mystery Bounty Event.

1,361 unique players from 35 countries entered the Kings of Tallinn 2023 events 7,838 times, sharing a total prize pool of almost €2,3 million. The richest of all, obviously, was the record-breaking Main Event.

Priit Parmasto Keeps the Main Event Trophy in Estonia

Estonia’s Priit Parmasto agreed to a three-way deal with the Finnish duo of Petteri Laiho and Antti Vetelainen before winning the Kings of Tallinn €1,100 Main Event for €97,400. Laiho collected a bigger prize of €102,500 thanks to being the chip leader when the deal was agreed upon. However, he was unable to collect the additional €15,000 and the trophy left for the winner.

This marks the first time since the inaugural Kings of Tallinn Main Event back in 2015 that the trophy will stay home in Estonia. WSOP bracelet winner Ranno Sootla won that event.

The Main Event set the new gold standard as not only was the generous €500,000, a new record was set for the event with 716 entries creating a massive €673,040 prize pool.

Kimmo Fagerhold Defeats Anatoly Filatov in the High Roller

The €3,000 High Roller was another record-breaking event at the Kings of Tallinn, with 83 entries generating a €218,456 prize pool.

Two GGPoker Ambassadors were among the mix, including Niall Farrell and Anatoly Filatov. Farrell didn’t make the money in this event, but the reverse was true for Filatov. All eyes were on Filatov throughout Day 2 as he displayed the impressive skills he is known for in big events around the world and managed to advance to heads-up play against Finland’s Kimmo Fagerholm.

The Kings of Tallinn was the first live event for Fagerholm, but this didn’t stop him from defeating one of the game’s legends heads-up to win the title and the solid €63,156 top prize while leaving Filatov to settle for the healthy €43,200 runner-up payout.

Benjamin Gros Wins the €555 Championship

The €555 Championship was another massive success as it broke Kings of Tallinn records for this event, with 559 entries generating a massive €262,730 prize pool.

France’s Benjamin Gros was the star of the show. After more than 17 hours of play on the second and final day, Gros defeated Lithuania’s Rokas Barzdzius heads-up to win the massive €55,500 top prize. Remarkably, three Lithuanians made the final table. In addition to Barzdzius, Paulius Vaitiekunas (fourth place) and former Lithuania’s National Team goalkeeper Zydrunas Karcemarskas (fifth place) also contributed to a noticeable Lithuanian rail.

Meanwhile, the rail was even bigger for local Estonian hero Tarmo Tammel, who managed a podium third-place finish.

Bounties and Flips

The €150 GGPoker Flip&Go Mystery Bounty was a new innovative event that produced tons of excitement throughout the festival. The event featured 1-hand opening flights all week long, with 34 players flipping their way into Day 2 in the money and eager to collect mystery bounties. The prize pool also grew throughout the week and eventually capped out at 306 entries for a €37,293 prize pool.

While Keimo Souminen did manage to win the trophy along with the €4,130 top prize, fourth-place finisher Ranno Sootla can easily be described as the star of the show.

Sootla finished the day with a bang as not only did he collect the fourth-place prize of €1,450 but also took down the biggest bounty of €5,000, the second biggest bounty of €2,500. He also collected a €1,000 envelope and a €200 envelope for good measure.

The Kings of Tallinn 2023 is over, but the live poker season at the Olympic Park Casino and the Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel has just begun. Players may already start counting the days until the Summer Showdown festival, which will occur in July.

2023 Kings of Tallinn Results

Event #1: €60 NLH Kings of Tallinn Special

264 entries; €13,200 prize pool

Winner: Grigori Belimov (Estonia) – €3,012

Event #4: €120 NLH Independence Day Special

350 entries; €32,900 prize pool

Winner: Ralf Rogov (Estonia) – €4,910

Event #7: €555 NLH Championship

559 entries; €262,730 prize pool

Winner: Benjamin Gros (France) – €55,500

Event #8: €250 4-Card PLO 8-Max

100 entries; €20,680 prize pool

Winner: Marius Morel (Estonia) – €5,860

Event #10: €250 NLH Progressive Bounty

140 entries; €29,792 prize pool

Winner: Espen Sandvik (Norway) – €3,450 + bounties

Event #12: €250 PLO/PLO5 Progressive Bounty

148 entries; €31,494 prize pool

Winner: Ronny Albrigtsen (Norway) – €3,650 + bounties

Event #13: €250 NLH 8-Max

132 entries; €27,298 prize pool

Winner: Onni Huttunen (Finland) – €6,820

Event #16: €150 NLH 8-Max

106 entries; €12,953 prize pool

Winner: Lauri Niemi (Finland) – €3,480

Event #17: €150 GGPoker Flip&Go Mystery Bounty

306 entries; €37,293 prize pool

Winner: Keimo Suominen (Finland) – €4,130 + bounties

Event #18: €350 NLH Opening Event

208 entries; €61,589 prize pool

Winner: Jaakko Tirkkonen (Finland) – €14,600

Event #21: €250 NLH Short Handed 6-Max

158 entries; €32,674 prize pool

Winner: Jarmo Salonen (Finland) – €7,450

Event #23: €350 8-Game

68 entries; €20,135 prize pool

Winner: Tuomas Roppanen (Finland) – €6,340

Event #24: €150 NLH Celebrity Special

331 entries; €40,448 prize pool

Winner: Mark Metsla (Estonia) – €7,585

Event #25: €440 4&5 Card PLO Mystery Bounty

117 entries; €43,992 prize pool

Winner: Sondre Lunde (Norway) – €5,800 + bounties

Event #27: €1,100 Kings of Tallinn Main Event

716 entries; €673,040 prize pool

Winner: Priit Parmasto (Estonia) – €97,400

Event #29: €250 Sviten Special

55 entries; €11,374 prize pool

Winner: Tony Westby (Norway) – €4,100

Event #30: €350 NLH/PLO 8-Max

131 entries; €38,789 prize pool

Winner: Kasper Mellanen (Finland) – €10,400

Event #31: €550 NLH 8-Max

99 entries; €46,530 prize pool

Winner: Maciej Komorowski (Poland) – €12,000

Event #34: €250 4&5 Card PLO Progressive Bounty

174 entries; €35,983 prize pool

Winner: Toni Mykkanen (Finland) – €3,700 + bounties

Event #35: €350 5 Card PLO Hi/Lo 6-Max

77 entries; €22,800 prize pool

Winner: Hannu Penttinen (Finland) – €5,700

Event #36: €150 NLH Turbo

205 entries; €25,051 prize pool

Winner: Fuad Gotovusa (Sweden) – €6,500

Event #37: €250 NLH Deep Stack

246 entries; €50,873 prize pool

Winner: Sander Leigri (Estonia) – €11,000

Event #38: €1,100 4&5 Card PLO Championship

74 entries; €69,560 prize pool

Winner: Kaspars Butans (Latvia) – €18,580

Event #39: €440 NLH Progressive Bounty

154 entries; €57,904 prize pool

Winner: Jaagop Luhakooder (Estonia) – €5,680 + bounties

Event #40: €150 PL Omaha 4, 5 & 6 Cards

173 entries; €21,141 prize pool

Winner: Eero Ahola (Finland) – €4,700

Event #41: €250 Triple Draw 6-Max 

50 entries; €10,340 prize pool

Winner: Ville-Oskari Turja (Finland) – €3,520

Event #45: €350 Open Face Chinese Pineapple

41 entries; €12,140 prize pool

Winner: Henri Antikainen (Finland) – €4,635

Event #46: €3,000 NLH High Roller 6-Max

83 entries; €218,456 prize pool

Winner: Kimmo Fagerholm (Finland) – €63,156

Event #47: €120 Queens of Tallinn

95 entries; €9,120 prize pool

Winner: Ingrid Pall (Estonia) – €1,780

Event #48: €440 4&5 Card PLO Progressive Bounty

162 entries; €60,912 prize pool

Winner: Hai Hoang (Finland) – €5,200 + bounties

Event #49: €120 Finnish Five Card Stud

35 entries; €8,140 prize pool

Winner: Timothy Dallas (United States) – €2,800

Event #50: €660 NLH Mystery Bounty

151 entries; €85,164 prize pool

Winner: Fintan Gavin (Ireland) – €8,650 + bounties

Event #51: €150 NLH Turbo

154 entries; €18,819 prize pool

Winner: Anton Askolin (Finland) – €3,417

Event #52: €250 NLH Progressive Bounty

105 entries: €19,740 prize pool

Winner: Arvo-Mart Elvisto (Estonia) – €1,850 + bounties

Event #53: €150 Turbo Version of the Main Event

101 entries; €12,342 prize pool

Winner: Erno Suominen (Finland) – €3,390

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