Arturas Dauksevic Wins Biggest Prize Thus Far in OlyBet Vilnius Showdown Jacks of June

Poker Jason Glazer 03.06.2024

The second day of the inaugural OlyBet Showdown Vilnius Jacks of June was a big hit. Three trophy winners were crowned at the luxurious Olympic Casino Vilnius, located in the heart of the majestic Lithuanian capital.

All three trophies remained on home soil, with Arturas Dauksevic, Tautvydas Stravinskas, and Eugenijus Cernius all finishing events with all the chips.

Read on to learn the results of Sunday’s action at the OlyBet Showdown Vilnius Jacks of June.

Another Title for Arturas Dauksevic

Arturas Dauksevic has been making a name for himself in Vilnius. He won two titles in international events in Vilnius in 2022 before shipping the inaugural Vilnius Ace Breaker €1,100 High Roller in early 2023.

He also earned a handful of podium finishes in other events during the past two years, however, Sunday added a bit of icing on the cake as he won his fourth international title in Vilnius after defeating the formidable countrymate Kestutis Jungevicius heads-up to win the €350 Warm-Up Progressive Bounty. Both players collected the €7,290 top prize with Dauksevic coming away with much more thanks to the huge bounty prizes at the end of the event.

The event itself provided approximately €5,000 in extra value for the 143 players that entered thanks to the generous €50,000 guarantee slapped onto this event.

Event #1: €350 Warm-Up Progressive Bounty Results

1Arturas DauksevicLithuania€7,290
2Kestutis JungeviciusLithuania€7,290
3Zydrunas KarcemarskasLithuania€5,010
4Jimmy DewerdtFrance€3,605
5Arturs OvsepjansLatvia€2,495
6Modestas KryzanauskasLithuania€1,855
7Valdemaras ApolianskasLithuania€1,395
8Marek ZigelLithuania€1,005
9Mindaugas MurauskasLithuania€760
10Oleksandr TarashevskyiUkraine€645
11Aurimas BielskasLithuania€645
12Steen HillestroemDenmark€645
13Dominykas RuskysLithuania€645
14Arnas LydekaLithuania€645
15Edgars BeizaksLatvia€590
16Matti Tapani LasanenFinland€590
17Zanas LegkauskasLithuania€590

Tautvydas Stravinskas Wins €250 NLH Deepstack

The €250 NLH Deepstack attracted a crowd of 68 entries to create a healthy €14,362 prize pool. Lithuanians utterly dominated the event as after Henrik Tomter bowed out in seventh place, the title was guaranteed to a local player.

After Simonas Kersulis hit the rail in third place, Stavinskas defeated Vitalijius Kuzmicius to go home with €4,032 and the fourth trophy of the OlyBet Vilnius Showdown Jacks of June.

Event #5: €250 NLH Deepstack Results

1Tautvydas StravinskasLithuania€4,032
2Vitalijus KuzmiciusLithuania€3,500
3Simonas KersulisLithuania€2,200
4Raimondas ZilenasLithuania€1,550
5Nikodemas StaniukaitisLithuania€1,030
6Marek ZigelLithuania€830
7Henrik TomterNorway€660
8Tadas GencerauskasLithuania€560

Eugenijius Cernius King of Lithuanian Domination in €120 NLH/PLO Two-Games Turbo

The nightly event was a fun one, with games rotating between no-limit hold’em and pot-limit Omaha in the €120 NLH/PLO Two-Games Turbo. The event attracted a tidy field of 37 entries to create a €3,552 prize pool.

The Lithuanian poker dominance was on display in this event, with all five players that crashed waving the yellow, green, and red flag Lithuania is known for.

Eugenijius Cernius won the title and the €1,282 top prize after he defeated fellow Lithuanian Tomas Steponavicius heads-up.

Event #7: €120 NLH/PLO Two-Games Turbo Results

1Eugenijus CerniusLithuania€1,282
2Tomas SteponaviciusLithuania€890
3Dainius KudarauskasLithuania€620
4Tadas MereckisLithuania€450
5Kestutis JungeviciusLithuania€310

Monday, June 3 OlyBet Vilnius Showdown Jacks of June Schedule

Monday is the calm before the storm at the OlyBet Vilnius Showdown, as players prepare for the €150,000 guaranteed €555 Main Event, which kicks off on Tuesday.

However, Monday boasts a chance for three players to win titles along with another chance for players to get into the Main Event for pennies on the Euro with a €30 satellite to the Main Event guaranteeing at least three seats.

Check out the full Monday schedule below for the OlyBet Vilnius Showdown Jacks of June below:

13:00Event #8: €30 Satellite to €555 Main Event 1A, 3 SEATS GTD!
16:00Event #9: €350 Bounty Hunter
20:00Event #10: €150 Pot Limit Omaha Knockout
22:00Event #11: €120 Monday Express

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