KOT #7 €555 Championship Final Day. Credit: Elena Kask.
KOT #7 €555 Championship Final Day. Credit: Elena Kask.

Benjamin Gros Wins the €555 Championship for €55,500

Poker OlyBet Poker 01.03.2023

The Kings of Tallinn created its biggest winner of the festival thus far, with Benjamin Gros winning the Kings of Tallinn €555 Championship at Olympic Park Casino and the adjoining Hilton Tallinn Park. Also winning events yesterday were Jarmo Salonen, Tuomas Roppanen, and Mark Metsla.

Meanwhile, the biggest event is yet to come, with Day 1a of the €500,000 guaranteed Main Event kicking off on Wednesday at noon.

Benjamin Gros Wins Event #7: Kings of Tallinn €555 Championship

The €555 Championship was a massive success as it broke Kings of Tallinn records for this event with 559 entries generating a massive €262,730 prize pool.

France’s Benjamin Gros was the star of the show. After more than 17 hours of play, Gros defeated Lithuania’s Rokas Barzdzius heads-up to win the massive €55,500 top prize. Remarkably, three Lithuanians made the final table. In addition to Barzdzius, Paulius Vaitiekunas (fourth place) and Zydrunas Karcemarskas (fifth place) also contributed to a noticeable Lithuanian rail.

Meanwhile, the rail was even bigger for local Estonian hero Tarmo Tammel, who managed a podium third-place finish.

Event #7: €555 Championship results
559 entries, €262,730 prize pool

  1. Benjamin Gros (France) – €55,500
  2. Rokas Barzdzius (Lithuania) – €37,500 
  3. Tarmo Tammel (Estonia) – €22,200

Full results HERE.

Jarmo Salonen Wins Event #21: €250 Short Handed NLH

The €250 NLH Short Handed 6-Max was an action-packed affair lasting nearly 11 hours. Jarmo Salonen defeated Albert Jonsson heads-up to win the title and tasty €7,450 top prize.

Meanwhile, Igor Pihela Sr. once again found the podium at Olympic Park Casino with a third-place performance. 

Event #21: €250 Short Handed results:
158 entries, €32,674 prize pool

  1. Jarmo Salonen (Finland) – €7,450
  2. Albert Jonsson (Sweden) – €4,960 
  3. Igor Pihela Sr. (Estonia) – €3,690

Full results HERE.

Tuomas Roppanen Wins Event #23: €350 8-Game

The €350 8-Game proved to be popular, with 68 entries creating a €20,135 prize pool. Finnish players dominated the event by taking all three podium spots, with Tuomas Roppanen winning the event for €6,340 and Tomas Javanainen and Samuli Sipila also appearing on the podium.

Event #23: €350 8-Game results
68 entries, €20,135 prize pool

  1. Tuomas Roppanen (Finland) – €6,340
  2. Tomas Javanainen (Finland) – €4,320 
  3. Samuli Sipila (Finland) – €2,820

Full results HERE.

Mark Metsla at the €555 Championship Final Day. Credit: Elena Kask.

Mark Metsla Wins Event #24: €150 NLH Celebrity Special

The Celebrity Special was truly an event to remember as the buzz surrounding it could be felt even far away from where the event took place. Each table featured one local celebrity that had a bounty on its head. The one-day event was absolutely packed, with 331 entries getting into the mix to generate a €40,448 prize pool.

Luxon Pay’s Johannes Heldens nearly collected his own bounty of €100 in cash at Luxon Pay as he made it to a heads-up play against Mark Metsla.

Metsla has been at it for years and is no stranger to the winner’s circle. He pulled out the victory at the end to not only collect the bounty but also the healthy €7,585 top prize for just a €150 buy-in.

Event #24: €150 NLH Celebrity Special Results
331 entries, €40,448 prize pool

  1. Mark Metsla (Estonia) – €7,585
  2. Johannes Heldens (Germany) – €5,050 
  3. Juuso Lepisto (Finland) – €3,750

Full results HERE.

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