Build your own dream team – Kings of Tallinn 2024 Team Challenge

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Kings of Tallinn 2024 Team Challenge Overview

We are pleased to present the Team Challenge as part of the Kings of Tallinn 2024 festival. The Kings of Tallinn Festival is a favourite of many players, thanks to its distinctive team competition. This feature keeps players interested in the various side events, 2% of the prize pool from all Kings of Tallinn ranking tournaments will be added to the Team Challenge prize pool. This creates an exciting opportunity for teams to showcase their collective skills and compete for victory.

Registration and Important Dates

  • You can register your team on the Kings of Tallinn web page.
  • Team registration for the Team Challenge is free and open to all.
  • Teams of four can register until Friday 1 March at 14:15 local time.
  • Please note that team registration must be completed before the start of each event in order for points to be awarded. The exception is the Kings of Tallinn Main Event, where team registration closes at 14:15 local time on Friday 1 March.

Qualification and Scoring

  • To qualify for points in a ranking event, all four team members must participate in at least one Kings of Tallinn 2024 ranking event.
  • The cumulative points of each team member will be added together and the team with the highest total points will be declared the winner of the Kings of Tallinn 2024 Team Challenge.

Winner Announcement and Prize Distribution

  • The winning team will be announced after the final Kings of Tallinn 2024 ranking tournament on Sunday evening, 3 March 2024.
  • The distribution of the Team Challenge prize pool will be as follows: 40% for the champion, 25% for the runner-up, 15% for third place and 10% for both fourth and fifth place.

Earning Points

  • Players will receive one (1) point for each entry into a Kings of Tallinn 2024 ranking event (excluding satellites, online events and the Ladies Event).
  • Additional points can be earned by successfully cashing out in events. It’s important to note that re-entries will not contribute to additional points rewards.

If you’re coming alone or with a few friends, don’t worry! We’ll help you find a team, and often those teammates become lifelong friends. Entry is free, so you have the chance to win a great prize and make some great friends along the way. So get your squad together, mark your calendars and get ready to make your mark in the Kings of Tallinn 2024 Team Challenge!

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