After the first couple of events in 2024, Danil “donk” Kryshkovets is leading the ratings by a considerable margin. The 17-year-old Team Spirit player is the best player of 2024 in CS2, with a rating of 1.57. Source: HLTV
After the first couple of events in 2024, Danil “donk” Kryshkovets is leading the ratings by a considerable margin. The 17-year-old Team Spirit player is the best player of 2024 in CS2, with a rating of 1.57. Source: HLTV

CS2 Copenhagen – Stars of the Future

Esports OlyBet 08.03.2024

The highly anticipated PGL CS2 Copenhagen Major is right around the corner and in this installment, we will have a look at some of the most promising rookies going into this prestigious tournament. The list will contain only those players who have never played in a Major.

Danil “donk” Kryshkovets

Of course, we must begin our list with one and only Mr donk. This 17-year-old talent is a Counter-Strike phenomenon, defying all the logic that has been set by Esports predecessors. In his short professional career, he has already claimed 2 MVP trophies, most notably one of them being from IEM Katowice 2024, which in terms of renown is right behind Major tournaments.

He currently holds a 1.47 personal rating while battling tier 1 opposition. This kid is the real deal, and many believe that it’s only a matter of time before he’s inducted into the GOAT discussion. Being so dominant at such a young age really begs the question, how far can donk go? For now he’s been “full gas no brakes” and due to his efforts, his team “Spirit” is surely one of the main contenders for the Copenhagen Major trophy.

What makes donk exciting is his playstyle. From those who are considered the best, majority specialize in playstyle that revolves around AWPing – s1mple, device, ZywOo and m0NESY are prime examples, but donk accomplishes the same level of play, while strictly sticking to rifling. We’re seeing shades of prime NiKo, but in an even more dominant and aggressive fashion. Before transitioning to tier 1 scene, many doubted his abilities, but it seems like all that talk has long gone quiet. It will be exciting to see if donk can manage to hold on to his fantastic form throughout the tournament.

Ali “Wicadia” Haydar Yalçın

When you think of Turkish Counter-Strike, which is the first player that comes to mind? 99% it’s XANTARES who pops into mind, but slowly and surely, the local scene has been developing and through hard work and persistence another young talent has emerged. Sure, his teammate XANTARES is still the shining beacon of hope for Turkish fans, but you shouldn’t overlook Wicadia. The 19-year-old player has been relentlessly grinding FACEIT pro league, four times placing himself in the #1 position, in CS2 at least. Wicadia climbed his way from the academy team, solidifying his position on the main roster from the April of 2023.

His team “Eternal Fire” has had some ups and downs, well more dominantly downs, but their qualification to the Copenhagen Major could be a turning point. Eternal Fire dropped out of the previous Major qualifier and in the last Major they did participate in, 2022 Antwerp, they didn’t go further than the Challenger stage, so in all honesty, fans are keeping their expectations grounded. Since those days they’ve added Wicadia and a new in game leader MAJ3R. Currently Eternal Fire hold the #14 position in the world, so Wicadia will need to summon all his skill to make a difference. Results in FACEIT speak for themselves and these personal accolades shouldn’t be overlooked, so we think Wicadia can be the “X factor” in the upcoming challenge.

Jimi “Jimpphat” Salo

The cool and collected Jimpphat has been a fantastic addition to the “MOUZ” roster, helping them to achieve the #4 position in the world. Quite recently, MOUZ managed to take down the menacing Team Spirit spearheaded by donk. They are the only team that has managed to do so in the last two months and in this match up, Jimpphat was one of the highest rated players. He could very well be the next big thing from the Finnish region. Although all four of his teammates have Major tournament experience, the line-up is very young, oldest player being just 21 years old. This youthful squad approaches the game with a different mentality and the 17-year-old Jimpphat fits in that puzzle beautifully.

Currently Jimpphat holds a 1.16 rating, which is the highest in his team. In last year’s rookie of the year voting, he came in third, right behind iM and NertZ. Mouz had a flawless RMR run so they are certainly considered one of the favourites coming into the Major. If Jimpphat keeps up the solid performance, Mouz may have a shot at becoming the youngest team to lift the Major trophy.

The opening stage of PGL CS2 Copenhagen Major will begin on the 17th of March, so soon enough we will see these rising stars in action!


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