Killer Whale Fish Buffet Promotion – All you need to know

Poker OlyBet 23.01.2024

Promotion Introduction

Seize the moment in the world of online poker with GGPoker’s latest promotion! By clicking on the opt-in button in the OlyBet poker software, players can enjoy 50% cashback for 100 days. Let’s explore the details of this exciting offer and how you can make the most of it.

The Killer Whale Fish Buffet Promotion

From the 15th of January to the 14th of February, the Killer Whale Fish Buffet promotion is making waves. It’s super easy, super simple, and most importantly, super valuable! Sign up through the OlyBet client to instantly qualify for Killer Whale status and unlock 50% cashback for 100 days. There are no hidden extra conditions in a small font at the bottom of the page. Any OlyBet player can gain a flat 50% cashback by simply opting-in. Experience the habits of the poker sharks with the Killer Whale promotion.

Progress to Platinum Whale status

While the Killer Whale promo grants 50% cashback for 100 days after the opt-in, you can earn such a rich cashback for the whole year. This promo’s participants must collect 400,000 FPs (Fish Points) in 100 days to achieve Platinum Whale status. If you do not earn enough points, you will receive Platinum Octopus status instead. This system allows players to aim high and reap the rewards of their efforts.

Easy to join

Joining the Killer Whale promotion couldn’t be easier, just click on the opt-in button in the OlyBet poker software. New users will need to register and log in while existing users simply need to log in. Click on the “Upgrade to Killer Whale” button and you’re ready to go.

The Bottom Line

For poker enthusiasts looking for an enhanced gaming experience and a bigger bankroll, the Killer Whale Fish Buffet promotion is a game changer. Enjoy an incredible 50% cashback for an extended period of 100 days by signing up and upgrading to Killer Whale status. Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity and join now!


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