Edgaras Kausinis Wins OlyBet Showdown Vilnius Ace Breaker High Roller

Poker Jason Glazer 04.02.2024

Lithuania’s Edgaras Kausinis showcased a dominating display at the final table before defeating Deividas Daubaris heads-up in the 2024 OlyBet Showdown Vilnius Ace Breaker €1,100 NLH High Roller for €22,390 at Olympic Casino Lietuva, located in the heart of the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius on Saturday evening.

Kausinas entered the nine-max final table with the chip lead and went coast to coast relentlessly picking away at his opponents until he earned the coveted trophy.

The High Roller reset Lithuanian poker history as it was the largest €1,100 High Roller ever held in the Baltic country with 78 entries creating a €74,880 prize pool.

OlyBet Showdown Vilnius Ace Breaker High Roller Results

  1. Edgaras Kausinis (Lithuania) – €22,390
  2. Deividas Daubaris (Lithuania) – €14,980
  3. Eriks Krumins (Latvia) – €9,540
  4. Elvinas Vitkevicius (Lithuania) – €7,640
  5. Vasilijus Piskunovas (Lithuania) – €6,030
  6. Laurynas Cerniauskas (Lithuania) – €4,830
  7. Ignas Jasinevicius (Lithuania) – €3,970
  8. Lukas Parednis (Lithuania) – €3,130
  9. Paulius Zapolskas (Lithuania) – €2,340

High Roller Final Table Recap

Players were battling it out on the money bubble which doubled as the final table bubble. Tomas Bassus appeared to be one of the players who would safely skate to the final table with a healthy stack, but he doubled the eventual runner-up Deividas Daubaris twice on the bubble before Daubaris sent Bassus packing on the money bubble.

Edgaras Kausinis began the final table with the chip lead. Zapolskas was out before the first cards were even dealt, but shortly after that Kausinis padded his chip lead when his ace-king was good against ace-ten to send Lukas Parednis to the rail in eighth place for €3,130.

Shortly after, it was de ja vu, but with two different players involved. Ignas Jasinevicius ran his ace-ten into the big slick of Elvinas Vitkevicius to exit in seventh place for €3,970.

Kausinis was busy building his stack while it took a little time for the next player to head to the cashier. Eventually, Kausinis delivered a bad beat to Laurynas Cerniauskas when his ace-seven got there against ace-eight suited to eliminate his opponent in sixth place for €4,860.

Players began to feel the ICM pressure even more with Kausinis seemingly opening hands at will to have two-thirds of the chips in play. Even more chips went into Kausinis’s stack when his ace-jack held against king-jack to eliminate Elvinas Vitkevicius in fifth place for €6,030.

A full blind level passed without a showdown or even a river. Eventually, the dam broke after a scheduled break when Kausinis was with 63 big blinds and no other player had more than eight big blinds.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing at first for Kausinis as he doubled the shortest of his three opponents in Daubaris two separate times. To make things work, Krumins chipped up as well after eliminating Vitkevicius in fourth place for €7,640 with ace-ten against queen-trey.

However, Lady Luck was back with Kausinis still after as he jammed a river with the second nut flush holding king-nine suited and had a huge chip lead after Krumins headed home in third place for €9,540 with a slightly inferior flush with queen-six suited.

The heads-up battle didn’t last long and very soon after Kausinis was crowned the champion after his king-ten held against ace-ten to leave Daubaris one player short of the title. Daubaris, however, should be thrilled about laddering up a couple of spots due to the dynamics of the final table and sleep well after banking the €14,980 runner-up prize.

Congrats again to Edgaras Kausinis for being part of setting a new Lithuanian record, winning the coveted trophy, and a boatload of cash.

Other Results on Saturday

The High Roller wasn’t the only event smashing Lithuanian poker records as the ladies accomplished a Lithuanian attendance record of their own with 24 entries battling for their share of the €1,152 prize pool in Event #23: €60 Queens of Vilnius. Ema Brazauskaite defeated Viktorija Ignataviciene heads-up en route to the trophy and the €462 top prize.

Meanwhile, Event #25: €150 Saturday Express attracted 50 entries for a €6,240 prize pool. Gediminas Kvedaris defeated Yauheni Novik heads-up to win one of the final trophies and the tasty €2,120 winner’s prize.

Event #24: €350 OlyBet Special began its opening day with 72 entries for a €22,075 prize pool and counting. More players can get into the mix with a short stack before the start of play on Day 2 at noon.

In addition to the second and final day of the OlyBet Special, players can also battle for one final trophy as Event #25: €250 Wrap-Up Progressive KO begins at 1 p.m.

Best of luck to all in securing one of the two final trophies in the 2024 OlyBet Special Vilnius Ace Breaker at Olympic Casino Lietuva.

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