Toivo Rinne
Toivo Rinne

Finland’s Toivo Rinne wins OlyBet Last Longer at the Battle of Malta

Poker OlyBet Poker 11.10.2022

The Battle of Malta 2022 Autumn Edition Main Event is still on the way, but we can already announce the winner of the OlyBet Last Longer. With Estonian Marko Keskel busting at the start of the day4, Toivo Rinne from Finland has secured this win and a Kings of Tallinn 2023 €1,100 Main Event ticket.

Thirty-four players from Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, and Finland at the start of the Battle of Malta €555 Main Event day2 signed for the OlyBet Last Longer. 11 of them advanced to day3. You can check the photos from the day3 action on the OlyBet Poker Facebook page

After a long fight, only 45 players secured places on day4. Estonia’s Marko Keskel (1,545,000) and Finland’s Toivo Rinne (3,510,000) were the last two wearing OlyBet patches, so it was indirect heads-up for the €1,100 Kings of Tallinn ticket. It didn’t last long. After just 8 minutes of day4 action, Marko Keskel decided to go all-in after the opponent’s raise with KQs and got an answer from the pair of eights. Community cards brought no help, so Estonian exited in 44th place (€4,000), leaving the fin the last man standing.

Toivo Rinne may already start to pack for the Kings of Tallinn. Northern Europe’s biggest live poker festival will run from February 24th to March 5th, 2023.

The Battle of Malta €555 Main Event day4 continues. You can follow the action on the BOM Live Reporting page and watch the livestream from the feature table on the OlyBet Poker Twitch channel.

Players who busted out during the Battle of Malta €555 Main Event day3:

48. Tarmo Tammel (Estonia) – €3,100
60. Kasparas Klezys (Lithuania) – €2,800
64. Timo Ruuska (Finland) – €2,600
65. Kaspar Vallisaar (Estonia) – €2,600
86. Mantas Petrauskas (Lithuania) – €2,400
93. Ruben Rahumägi (Estonia) – €2,200
130. Magnus Pukk (Estonia) – €2,000
135. Henri Juutilainen (Finland) – €2,000
143. Maksims Azarjancs (Latvia) – €2,000
160. Lukas Stankevičius (Lithuania) – €1,800
186. Benjamins Fonarjovs (Latvia) – €1,800
193. Taivo Sillaste (Estonia) – €1,800

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