Finns, Norwegians, and Brits share the KOT24 Team Challenge prizes

Poker OlyBet Poker 14.03.2024

Once again, Finns have proven they are the powerhouse nation in the Kings of Tallinn arena. Finnish teams captured top two spots for the Kings of Tallinn 2024 Team Challenge, scooping the lion’s share of the record-breaking prize pool.

Team Challenge is an essential part of the Kings of Tallinn festival. It is a unique competition where teams of four gather points for their results in all open Kings of Tallinn tournaments. The Team Challenge prize pool is gathered by taking 2% from those events, and in the end, it is shared by the best five teams. Unsurprisingly, the Kings of Tallinn 2024 Team Challenge fund was a record-breaking €59,304.

The Finnish quartet ‘Kiired ja Vihased‘ ultimately bagged a top prize of €23,721. The winning team included Max Rotko, Tommi Lankinen, Elias Suhonen, and Juho Suutari, the most valuable player of the series, with multiple final tables and a couple of 2nd place finishes. Interestingly enough, J. Suutari won his only KOT24 title and trophy in the €150 Kings of Tallinn 2024 OlyBet Online event, which did not provide him with team points as OlyBet Online is currently limited to players from Estonia, Finland, and Latvia.

The runner-up was another Finnish team ‘Timos Of Sons‘ which received €14,826, while third place and €8,895 went to ‘VIC NORWAY.’ The last two paid places and the equal €5,930 payouts went to Finland’s ‘Walliard Fan Club‘ and British team ‘Sunrun Sauna Squad‘. The best Estonian team ‘TIME‘ finished just outside the money, in 7th place.

Kings of Tallinn 2024 Team Challenge Results

1. Kiired ja Vihased (Finland) – 241.67 TCPoints – €23,721
Members: Juho Suutari (100.41 TCP), Max Rotko (55.67), Tommi Lankinen (44.03), Elias Suhonen (41.57).

2. Timos Of Suns (Finland) – 234.75 TCPoints – €14,826
Members: Joonas Helin (73.55), Akseli Paalanen (72.08), Heikki Piira (53.68), Arto Loikkanen (35.44).

3. VIC NORWAY (Norway) – 201.46 TCPoints – €8,895
Members: Tobias Napel (71.28), Sven Omland (65.31), Tarjei Forus (40.49), Vidar Assersen (24.38).

4. Walliard Fan Club (Finland) – 163.67 TCPoints – €5,930
Members: Mikael Haapaniemi (68.85), Kalle Parkkinen (40.15), Joel Ylismaki (29.25), Veikka Keto-Tokoi (25.42).

5. Sunrun Sauna Squad (UK) – 138.09 TCPoints – €5,930
Members: Maximilian Sanders (54.58), George Sand (33.18), Joshua Stewart (31.79), Daniel Smith (18.53).

You can find the full list of the Kings of Tallinn 2024 Team Challenge here.

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