Kings of Tallinn Summer Showdown: Team Challenge
Kings of Tallinn Summer Showdown: Team Challenge

Grab Your Team Spirit (and FREE Custom T-Shirt) at The Kings of Tallinn Summer Showdown

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The Kings of Tallinn Summer Showdown unquestionably holds the crown as the most sought-after poker festival in Northern Europe during the summer season. Its enduring popularity can be attributed to a multitude of factors, starting with an impressive roster of 53 numbered events from July 21-30 that cater to every player’s preferences. The festival’s venues, the illustrious Olympic Park Casino and the luxurious Hilton Tallinn Park, further contribute to its allure, offering non-stop cash game action that caters to the insatiable poker appetite of enthusiasts around the clock.

In addition to the thrilling poker action, participants can revel in the unique advantage of Estonia’s summer climate, where the sun graces the region with its presence around the clock. This remarkable feature of the Estonian summer adds an extra touch of magic to the overall poker holiday experience, creating an idyllic backdrop for unforgettable moments at the Kings of Tallinn Summer Showdown.

One distinguishing aspect that sets the Kings of Tallinn Summer Showdown apart is the warm and welcoming atmosphere that permeates throughout the poker room. This is largely fostered by the friendly and inclusive Tallinn Summer Showdown Team Competition, which has garnered immense praise from players. The competition is completely free to enter and comes with a free custom t-shirt to boot. The Team Competition prize pool is generated by gathering 2% from the prize pool of every qualifying event, which is then allocated to a dedicated Team Prize Pool.

Simply follow these simple steps to enter your team:

• Gather a team of four players. Our staff can help you both ahead of time and live at the venue to find others looking for a team.
• Register your team via this link.
• Gather points by entering events and receive additional points by cashing in the qualifying events.
• Rail your team.

This competition is all about team spirit, and we are here to help. Teams that sign-up before July 10 will have something to brag about all week, as they will receive a custom Kings of Tallinn Summer Showdown t-shirt with their team name on it. Many will wear them throughout the week to show their team pride.

Registration will remain open for new teams until the end of the first break of Day 1b of the Kings of Tallinn Summer Showdown €1,100 Main Event. Team Registrations close at 2:15 p.m. on July 27.

The top five teams will win a slice of what promises to be at least a five-figure prize pool, with the winning team splitting 40% of the kitty. Here is a quick look at the payouts:

• First – 40%
• Second – 25%
• Third – 15%
• Fourth & Fifth – 10%

All teams must have exactly four players, and all players on each team must play at least one ranking event. Satellites, the Ladies’ Event, and any event with less than 12 players are excluded from the competition.

Players earn one point for each qualifying event they play and more points if they cash. Check out the example below calculator the points of a potential winner to learn more:

• Buy in: €315 + €35
• Unique Entries: 210
• Re-entries: 80
• Total Prize Pool: 290 x €315 = €91,350. Divide €91,350 by 210 for a factor of €435.
• The winner earned €18,270. Divide this by €435, and the player earned 42 points plus 1 participation point for 43 points.

One other important note is that while deal-making is allowed at The Kings of Tallinn Summer Showdown, it does have an effect on the points. If two players make a deal, both players will earn second-place points regardless of who wins the trophy. The same applies if it is a larger deal. For example, a four-player deal would result in all four players earning fourth-place points.

See you soon at The Kings of Tallinn Summer Showdown, and best of luck! Sign-up for your team here.

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