Adam Samir Kharman
Adam Samir Kharman

Kings of Tallinn crowned High Roller and Main Event champions

Poker OlyBet Poker 21.09.2022

The Kings of Tallinn festival has come to an end. And it was a real festivity! Seven-day long poker mass with 32 tournaments and hundreds of thousands in prize money.

Sunday saw five new champions crowned, including the prestigious Kings of Tallinn €3,000 High Roller tourney winner. Two players made the deal to split the lion’s share of prizepool more equally. However, the heads-up battle still lasted more than an hour, and the lead changed several times. Still, in the end, local player Ilya Nikiforov was able to prove his superiority against his fellow Estonian Igor Jul. Igor bagged €32,000, while Ilya got €36,390. Watch High Roller champion interview here.

On the central stage, Main Event final table started with three early eliminations. Finland’s Juhana Konttinen was the first to go when he found a pocket 8s just to run into Kurt Skimmeland’s queens.

Soon after, another big pair visited another bigstack. It was the chipleader Adam Kharman, who slowplayed his aces and lured into trap Norwegian Marius Olsvik with AQ and Finland’s poker celebrity Ilari ‘Ziigmund’ Sahamies with 99. Double elimination left five players at the table.

Spaniard Jordi Conejas Baixas was next to go when he put in his last 6BB with K9, only to see that he was dominated by Kurt’s KQ. Four-handed play lasted a few levels before Vincas Tamašauskas departed fourth after the poorly timed bad beat. It was another knockout by Kurt, who got in with KQ vs. Vincas’ AQ, and found a king on the flop to send Lithuanian packing.

Three players who started the day at the top all have reached the top3. Another Lithuanian, Algirdas Saveikis, was short-stacked, and he couldn’t get a double up when pushed his last 6BB with K5s and couldn’t find arguments against Adam’s AK.

So Norwegian Kurt Skimmeland and Australian Adam Kharman advanced into the duel. Heads-up began with the massive 4-to-1 chiplead by Adam. Australian pro was holding a chiplead for a whole time, but it was a long and tough grind.

It took more than 3 hours of play and 87 heads-up hands, but in the end, Adam Kharman outplayed and outlasted his opponent. He was rewarded with the trophy in the shape of the crown, the title of the King in the North, and the first prize of €64,280.

Kurt received €48,150 for the silver performance, and he also won OlyBet Poker’s last longer promotion, which granted him an additional WSOP Online $1K ticket.

Kings of Tallinn ended, but the impression of this festival will not fade for a long time. Follow the Kings of Tallinn Facebook page and OlyBet Poker Youtube channel for more reviews and updates. And see you next year!

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