Albert Ostrovskij
Albert Ostrovskij

Lithuania’s Albert Ostrovskij wins the Opening Event (€13,010)

Poker OlyBet Poker 15.09.2022

After the first day of the Kings of Tallinn, we have the first winner. Albert Ostrovskij from Lithuania was the last man standing in the Opening Event.

€350 Opening Event attracted 166 entries and a solid prize pool of €49,152, which was shared among the top 20 players.

The event started at 18:00, and it took about 6 hours to reach the bubble phase. The Unlucky bubble boy was Lithuanian player Audrius Laimelis, who got in with AK but couldn’t win a flip against QQ.

The rest 20 players have secured a minimum payout of €650, but everyone was aiming at the top prize of €13K.

It took four more hours to find out the winner. Around 4 AM, Lithuania’s Albert Ostrovskij had proven better in the heads-up battle against Heikki Juhani Piira from Finland. Albert secured the title, the trophy, and €13,010. Heikki got €8,820 for his effort.

You can check the full results of the Kings of Tallinn €350 Opening event here.

You can easily find any tournament results in our Live Results section.

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