LIVE Blog | OlyBet Showdown Vilnius Ace Breaker 2024

Poker Jason Glazer 02.02.2024

Get ready for some fun and excitement at the second OlyBet Showdown Vilnius Ace Breaker from Jan. 27 to Feb. 4 at the luxurious Olympic Casino Lietuva located in the heart of the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius. Poker media guru Jason Glatzer will be on hand for the first time in Lithuanian history to report the Main Event and High Roller in English. Don’t miss the biggest hands, stories, and, of course, cracked aces at our dedicated blog at OlyBet.tv as soon as cards are in the air for the Main Event on Jan. 30 along with daily recaps of the side event action throughout the entire festival.

Event #20: $1,100 High Roller

Event #11: €555 Main Event

Jason Glazer

Poker journalist Jason Glatzer boasts more than a decade in experience in poker media and operations. He is well-known in Europe for providing quality reporting, editorial, and commentating at a wide variety of events from around the world including at all major events at our flagship venue Olympic Park Casino


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