OlyBet Holiday Special 2022 Champion Marius Morel
OlyBet Holiday Special 2022 Champion Marius Morel

Marius Morel crowned as the first-ever OlyBet Holiday Special Champion

Poker OlyBet Poker 20.11.2022

Estonian poker enthusiast Marius Morel managed to survive the Final Table dominated by Fins to win the Main Event of the inaugural OlyBet Holiday Special festival. The champion bagged more than €25K in prizes.

The first-ever OlyBet Holiday Special festival has reached its finish straight. Sunday offers €60 Mega Satellite to the Kings of Tallinn 2023 with 5x €1,100 tickets guaranteed and one more ticket added. This live qualifier starts at 13:00 at the Olympic Park Casino, while the late registration will stay open for 3 more hours.

The Saturday at the Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel Ballroom was full of action. Eight events were played down to the winner, and the main spotlight was directed to the final day of the Main Event.

From the field of 212, fourteen players came back on Saturday noon with hopes to win a title, Kings of Tallinn 2023 seat, and the top prize of €24,250. Finnish pro Kimmo Kurko was the start-of-the-day chip leader. Yet, when the nine-handed Final Table was formed, he surrendered the lead to his fellow countryman Osku Karttunen. Finland had four representatives at the Final Table, challenged by two Estonians and players from Sweden, Spain, and Romania.

After the departures of Greger Aktell (Sweden) and Mart Tammoja (Estonia), there were four Fins vs. three other contenders, and the trend continued when, after Osku Karttunen’s (Finland) departure in 7th place, Spaniard Victor Amat and Romania’s Marius Rusu have left the battle.

It was lonely Estonian Marius Morel, facing three players from Finland, but he managed to survive the ground. Touko Berndtson finished 4th, Sebastian Wahl came 3rd, and Kimmo Kurko had to wave the white flag in the heads-up duel.

The OlyBet Holiday Special Main Event Champion Marius Morel recorded his biggest career cash, taking home a €24,250 top prize and a €1,100 Kings of Tallinn 2023 ticket.

OlyBet Holiday Special Main Event Final Table results:

1. Marius Morel (Estonia) – €24,250 + €1,100 Kings of Tallinn 2023 ticket
2. Kimmo Kurko (Finland) – €16,250
3. Sebastian Wahl (Finland) – €10,050
4. Touko Berndtson (Finland) – €8,010
5. Marius Rusu (Romania) – €6,150
6. Victor Amat (Spain) – €4,580
7. Osku Karttunen (Finland) – €3,530
8. Mart Tammoja (Estonia) – €2,600
9. Greger Aktell (Sweden) – €2,190

You can find the complete OHS Main Event ITM list here.

The OlyBet Holiday Special is over; it was an incredible experience. And now it is time to start a countdown to the biggest-ever Kings of Tallinn 2023 series. 10-day festival will run from February 24th to March 5th, 2023. See you in three months at the same venue!

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