WSOPC Tallinn Mega Giveaway Week
WSOPC Tallinn Mega Giveaway Week

More than €11K added in WSOPC Tallinn Mega Giveaway Week (Sept. 4-10)

Poker OlyBet Poker 06.09.2023

OlyBet Poker Mega Giveaway Week is back, which means only one thing – this week, OlyBet Poker will give away around €11K in added prizes! This time, we are about to celebrate the first-ever World Series of Poker Circuit Tallinn festival, and to start that properly, the week from September 4th to 10th, OlyBet Poker is adding €11K into the WSOPC satellites and raising the amount of guaranteed WSOPC Ring Event seats to the unseen heights.

This week, at least 46 WSOP Circuit Tallinn Ring Event seats will be awarded, including 23x €1,500 Main Event entries.

Daily Step satellites and dozens of 1cent buy-in Centrolls run daily, and they will lead to six WSOPC Tallinn Satellite Finals on Thursday and Sunday, with 35 WSOPC Tallinn seats guaranteed and 10 more WSOPC entries added! As always during the OlyBet Mega Giveaway Weeks, all added tickets will be awarded to the randomly selected participants of the corresponding Finals.

In addition to all the Finals, all OlyBet Poker players are invited to play the very special €1.10 WSOPC Tallinn MGW Super Satellite on Thursday evening. With a buy-in of just €1.10, this qualifier will award the top 28 players with WSOPC Tallinn entries and tickets worth €1,787!

WSOPC Tallinn Mega Giveaway Week Schedule

Thursday, September 7th

21:00 – €1.10 WSOPC Tallinn MGW Super Satellite – €1,787 GTD in WSOPC entries!
21:35 – €55 WSOPC Tallinn Online Ring Event MGW Satellite – 7x €350 seats GTD + 2x €350 seats added!
22:00 – €22 WSOPC Tallinn MGW W22 Overlay Hunt Final – 3x €1,500 seats GTD + 1x €1,500 seat added!

Sunday, September 10th

20:00 – €11 WSOPC Tallinn MGW W11 Overlay Hunt Final – 2x €1,500 seats GTD + 1x €1,500 seat added!
21:00 – €100 WSOPC Tallinn MGW W100 Final – 5x €1,500 seats GTD + 1x €1,500 seat added
21:35 – €55 WSOPC Tallinn Online Ring Event MGW Satellite – 10x €350 seats GTD + 3x €350 seats added!
22:00 – €250 WSOPC Tallinn MGW W250 Final – 8x €1,500 seats GTD + 2x €1,500 seat added!


The raffles for 10 added WSOPC Tallinn entries

WSOPC Tallinn Mega Giveaway Week Finals will award 10 added WSOPC seats in total: 5x €1,500 Main Event seats and 5x €350 WSOPC Tallinn Online Ring Event seatsAll added tickets will be awarded to the randomly selected participants of the corresponding Satellite Final. The winners will be announced on the OlyBet Poker Facebook page the day after the corresponding Final (September 8th and 11th) between 12 PM and 2 PM.

Multiple entries for the W250 Final will increase the chances in the raffle, while in all other finals, prizes will be raffled among the unique participants. The players who win their WSOPC seats in those finals or get over 50% of the seat value in cash will not be eligible for the raffles.

€1.10 WSOPC Tallinn MGW Super Satellite

This Mega Giveaway Week presents a very special WSOPC Tallinn satellite. This one-of-a-kind tournament will run on Thursday at 21:00, and for €1.10, buy-in will offer a guaranteed prize pool of €1,787 in various WSOPC Tallinn entries and tickets.

The winner will receive a seat for the €350 WSOPC Tallinn Online Ring Event on September 22nd. 2nd and 3rd place finishers will get €250 entries for the WSOPC Tallinn MGW W250 Final, and 4th and 5th places will grant €100 WSOPC Tallinn MGW W100 Final seat. The next 7 finishers (places 6 to 12) will be awarded a €55 OlyBet Events ticket, which can be used for several WSOPC Tallinn online satellites till the end of the week. 13-20 finishers will provide €33 OlyBet Events tickets, valid for the daily €33 WSOPC W250 Step till the end of the week, and 21-28 place finishers will get €11 OlyBet Events tickets, fitting many WSOPC satellites this week.

€55 WSOPC Tallinn MGW Online Ring Event Satellites

OlyBet Poker Mega Giveaway Week will feature two €55 WSOPC Tallinn Online Ring Event MGW Satellites on Thursday and Sunday at 21:35Thursday’s Satellite Final will have 7x €350 WSOPC Tallinn Online Ring Event entries guaranteed + 2x €350 entries added. While Sunday Final will offer 10x €350 WSOPC Tallinn Online Ring Event entries guaranteed + 3x €350 entries added. There are daily Step satellites, starting from Centrolls, leading to those finals.

The €350 WSOPC Tallinn Online Ring Event will take place on Friday, September 22nd, offering a juicy €50,000 guarantee + the WSOPC Ring for the winner.

WSOPC Tallinn MGW Overlay Hunt Finals

There are €11 and €22 buy-in WSOP Circuit Tallinn direct satellite finals on the Mega Giveaway Week, where players can win €1,500 WSOPC Tallinn Main Event seats straight away. These tournaments tend to overlay quite often, so they are named WSOPC Tallinn Overlay Hunt Finals.

The €22 MGW W22 Overlay Hunt Final takes place on Thursday at 22:00, offering 3x €1,500 seats guaranteed. The €22 MGW W11 Overlay Hunt Final will run on Sunday from 20:00, with a guarantee of two €1,500 seats. In addition, both Overlay Hunt Finals will have one €1,500 WSOPC Tallinn Main Event seat added in each.

Keep in mind that in Turbo Rebuy tournaments, you have to survive 3 more levels after the late registration ends before getting the 5x add-on option.

€100 WSOPC Tallinn MGW W100 Final

€100 WSOPC Tallinn MGW W100 Final once again will run on Sunday evening at 9 PM and will host a solid guarantee of 5x €1,500 Main Event seats with another €1,500 added for the raffle among all participants of this final. The W100-tagged Steps are running all week long. Look for the €22 buy-in daily finals at 21:30, while the Centrolls and low buy-in feeders run in earlier hours.

€250 WSOPC Tallinn MGW W250 Final

WSOPC Tallinn W250 is the richest WSOPC Tallinn satellite tree of all, and on the Mega Giveaway Week, €250 buy-in W250 Final on Sunday at 10 PM will offer 8x €1,500 seats guarantee with two more €1,500 seats added to the raffle for all the participants. Multiple entries increase the raffle chances. Daily €33 Finals starts at 22:00 every day, while you can start your path from €5.50 Step satellites or even Centroll feeders.

How do you find WSOPC Tallinn satellites?

You can find WSOPC Tallinn satellites in the ‘Private‘ tab of the ‘Tourney‘ section, while the easiest way to do this is to enter ‘WSOPC Tallinn’ into the OlyBet Poker software’s search bar.

And don’t forget that you can compete in the OlyBet Daily tournaments of four different buy-ins ranging from €2.20 to €22, with 5x €33 WSOPC Step entries added every day. If you count this, the added value of the WSOPC Tallinn Mega Giveaway Week will exceed €12K!

There was no better week to start your journey towards the prestigious WSOP Circuit Ring!


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