OlyBet Holiday Special ME day 1C
OlyBet Holiday Special ME day 1C

OHS day3 recap: Four more winners crowned

Poker OlyBet Poker 18.11.2022

Thursday at the Olympic Park Casino and Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel was full of action. The OlyBet Holiday Special Main Event day 1C witnessed a solid turnout of 107 entries, while four side events were played down to the winner.

€550 buy-in Main Event day1C started at noon and attracted 107 entries, with 43 players advancing to the second day. Estonian Taago Tamm bagged 180,000, while Lithuania’s Robertas Smolskis finished with 161,700. Eleven contenders managed to gather six-digit stacks. You can find a complete end-of-1C list here.

The Main Event so far saw 189 entries. 79 players have secured seats in the second leg of the competition, which starts Friday at noon. Late registration will stay open during the first level of day2, so it is fair to expect that the final entry number will go north of 200.

Thursday night saw the end of four OlyBet Holiday Special side events.

In Event #5: DeepStack PLO 4&5 Cards Championship, 17 of 52 players returned for the final day. Seven finalists shared a prize pool of €15,725, and the lion’s share went to Poland’s Krzysztof Budka, who won a heads-up duel vs. day1 chip leader Graham Clarkson from the UK. This victory granted the Polish player a €5,050 top prize and a €1,100 Kings of Tallinn 2023 ticket. You can find the complete Event #5 results here.

Event #8: 250 DeepStack attracted 108 entries, granting the prize pool €22,809. It was almost 6:00 AM when the final two players agreed to the deal. Finland’s Erno Suominen got €5,054, and Estonian player Ardi Valgemäe got the win and €5,296. The local winner also got the €1,100 Kings of Tallinn 2023 seat. Check the complete results of Event #8.

Twenty-two unique players bought-in 26 times for the Event #9: €250 5 Card PLO & Draw tourney, commonly known as SVITEN. Five of six players at the Final Table represented Finland, but it was Norway’s Lasse Melby who took it down for €2,600 and a €1,100 Kings of Tallinn 2023 seat. Event #9 complete results can be found here.

The last tournament to start was Event #10: €150 Thursday Night NLH, where players brought 51 entries, forming €6,614 prize pool. Kings of Tallinn 2022 Main Event finalist Spaniard Jordi Baixas won the title and €1,990. In addition, he also got a €1,100 Kings of Tallinn 2023 ticket. Results of Event #10.

Friday, November 18th, is the day when the Main Event bubble phase will see an unlucky bubble boy or girl meet his/her fate. Yet, more than half of the field is participating in the OlyBet Bubble Protection promotion and has a chance to get a buy-in back into OlyBet Poker or GG Network account. Follow the news on the OlyBet Poker Facebook page.

Five side events will start today. You can find the full schedule and more detailed info on the official OHS website. And if you want to check the results of previous events, go to the special OHS Live page.

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