OlyBet’s Ticket Shower for WSOPC Tallinn 2024

Poker OlyBet 10.06.2024

OlyBet has launched an exciting promotion: the Ticket Shower. Running from the 9th to the 16th of June, this event offers poker enthusiasts a unique chance to win over €5,000 in added tickets. With just over a month to go until the WSOP Circuit Tallinn festival, this promotion gives players the opportunity to participate in the €1 million guarantee by playing online for the WSOPC Tallinn €1,500 Main Event ticket. The promotion will run for eight days and will give away over €5,000 in extra value in the form of additional tickets to players who participate in various WSOPC Tallinn online satellites. 

The Ticket Shower promotion is structured to maximize engagement across multiple satellite tournaments. On both Sundays (9th of June and 16th of June), all participants in the €250 and €100 WSOPC Main Event Satellite Finals will receive a €33 OlyBet Events ticket, valid for any daily €33 WSOPC Tallinn Step within one week. From Monday to Sunday (10th–16th of June) extra tickets will be randomly awarded to participants in the WSOPC Tallinn W100 and W250 Step satellites, with buy-ins ranging from €5.50 to €33. In each tournament, one extra ticket will be awarded to a randomly selected player who did not win a seat in the target tournament or a cash prize of 50% or more of the buy-in. 

Here’s a detailed schedule of satellites offering added tickets: 

Both Sundays 21:00  €100 WSOPC Tallinn W100 Final  €33 tickets for all participants 
Both Sundays 22:00 €250 WSOPC Tallinn W250 Final €33 tickets for all participants  
Mon-Sat 19:30 €5.50 WSOPC Tallinn W100 Step €22 OlyBet Events ticket 
Mon-Sat 19:45 €5.50 WSOPC Tallinn W250 Step €33 OlyBet Events ticket 
Mon-Sat 20:35 €7.50 WSOPC Tallinn W250 Hyper Step €33 OlyBet Events ticket 
Mon-Sat 21:00 €22 WSOPC Tallinn W100 Step €100 OlyBet Events ticket 
Mon-Sat 21:30 €33 WSOPC Tallinn W250 Step €250 OlyBet Events ticket 
Sun, 16th June 17:30 €5.50 WSOPC Tallinn W100 Step €22 WSOPC W100 Step entry 
Sun, 16th June  18:45 €5.50 WSOPC Tallinn W250 Step €33 WSOPC W250 Step entry 
Sun, 16th June  19:35 €7.50 WSOPC Tallinn W250 Hyper Step €33 WSOPC W250 Step entry 
Sun, 16th June  19:00 €22 WSOPC Tallinn W100 Step €100 WSOPC Final entry 
Sun, 16th June 20:30 €33 WSOPC Tallinn W250 Step €250 WSOPC Final entry 

OlyBet’s Ticket Shower campaign offers poker players a fantastic opportunity to increase their chances of winning a seat to the WSOPC Tallinn Main Event. With a variety of additional ticket prizes and an exciting week-long schedule, this promotion is sure to create a buzz in the online poker community. This is a unique opportunity for players to take part in one of the most exciting poker events of the year. 


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