Kings of Tallinn Main Event winner Priit Parmasto. Photo: Elena Kask.
Kings of Tallinn Main Event winner Priit Parmasto. Photo: Elena Kask.

Priit Parmasto Wins the Kings of Tallinn Main Event (€97,400)

Poker OlyBet Poker 06.03.2023

The 2023 Kings of Tallinn was amazing, with an incredible vibe and records set across the board at Olympic Park Casino and the Hilton Tallinn Park. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Today, players have packed their bags to go home.

Sunday was a fantastic way to cap off an amazing festival. The Kings of Tallinn Main Event trophy will stay home for the first time since the inaugural Kings of Tallinn Main Event was won by WSOP bracelet winner Ranno Sootla. This time around, Sootla was part of the Estonian rail cheering on Priit Parmasto on his road to winning the Kings of Tallinn Main Event this year!

Also, yesterday featured many other big winners, including Kimmo Fagerholm winning the €3,000 High Roller and poker commentator and event organizer Fintan Gavin shipping the €660 Mystery Bounty. 

Priit Parmasto Wins Record-Breaking Kings of Tallinn Main Event

Estonia’s Priit Parmasto defeated a talented final table on Sunday evening to win the Kings of Tallinn €1,100 Main Event for €97,400. Parmasto agreed to a three-way deal with €15,000 and the trophy to be played for with a pair of Finnish players, including Petteri Laiho (second – €102,500) and Antti Vetelainen (third – €90,000).

The Main Event guaranteed a whopping €500,000 prize pool. However, this proved to be simply a placeholder, with players coming out in droves to help set a new record, with 716 players generating a massive €673,040 prize pool!

Kings of Tallinn Main Event results
716 entries, €673,040 prize pool

  1. Priit Parmasto (Estonia) – €97,400*
  2. Petteri Laiho (Finland) – €102,500*
  3. Antti Vetelainen (Finland) – €90,000*
  4. Davide Muccini (Italy) – €40,400
  5. Ignas Vaitulionis (Lithuania) – €29,800
  6. Aleksi Naski (Finland) – €22,500
  7. Sergejs Korobovs (Latvia) – €17,600
  8. Danius Antanaitis (Lithuania) – €14,200
  9. Albert Ostrovskij (Lithuania) – €11,900

* Reflects a three-way deal with €15,000 and the trophy to the winner.

Check out our full Kings of Tallinn blog to read more how the Main Event played out.

Fagerholm Defeats Filatov to Win the Event #46: €3,000 NLH High Roller

While the Main Event captured the eyes and ears of many, the €3,000 High Roller was one to truly remember as well, with a record-breaking 83 entries getting into the mix in this two-day event to generate a €218,456 prize pool.

The two-day event was a six-max affair culminating with Finland’s Kimmo Fagerholm winning the title for €63,156.

In other big news, we had the honor of hosting GGPoker Ambassador Anatoly Filatov for both this event and the Main Event. Filatov is one of the top players in the world and is usually witnessed playing nosebleed buy-ins. However, Filatov has called Tallinn his home for a while and wanted to check out what all the buzz was about. Filatov cashed the Main Event and was one player shy of winning the High Roller trophy. Instead, his visit to the Kings of Tallinn netted him a tasty second-place prize of €43,200. 

2020 Kings of Tallinn runner-up Ermo Kosk also advanced to the podium before settling for third place for €29,800.

Kings of Tallinn €3,000 High Roller Final Table Results
83 entries, €218,456 prize pool

  1. Kimmo Fagerholm (Finland) – €63,156
  2. Anatoly Filatov (Russia) – €43,200
  3. Ermo Kosk (Estonia) – €29,800
  4. Juho Suutari (Finland) – €20,300
  5. Mikko Ylamaki (Finland) – €14,600
  6. Ville Jantunen (Finland) – €11,000
  7. Casper von Schantz (Finland) – €9,100

Check out the full results here.

Finnish Team KETTU 2 Wins Team Challenge For A Solid €34,119 Prize

It’s hard to imagine the Kings of Tallinn festival without the Team Challenge. This unique competition adds another dimension to the competitive tournament poker scene, ensuring solid fields in most of the events. In the end, the top two teams are rewarded with a solid prize, as the prize pool is collected, taking 2% from any non-restricted event during the festival (satellites excluded).

After all the winners were crowned, and the dust settled down, a team named ‘KETTU 2’ has proven to be the best this year. The Finnish squad consisting of Risto Ponnio, Tuomas Roppanen, Juhana Konttinen, and Juho Harkonen is awarded with €34,119 top prize, while the second place finishers ‘Team Re-entries’ (Ronny Albrigtsen, Espen Sandvik, Sondre Stormyr, Edgars Beizaks) bagged €11,373.

You can find the complete Team Challenge rankings here.

Other Results

  • Event #50: €660 NLH Mystery Bounty – 151 entries – €85,164 prize pool – Winner: Fintan Gavin (€8,650) (after a heads-up deal). Find the results here.
  • Event #52: €230 NLH Progressive Bounty – 105 entries – €19,740 prize pool – Winner: Arvo-Mart Elvisto (€1,850 + bounties). Find the results here.
  • Event #53: €150 Turbo Version of the Main Event – 101 entries – €12,342 prize pool – Winner: Erno Suominen (€3,390). Find the results here.

A special thank you from The Kings of Tallinn and Olympic Park Casino to all the players that helped make this event one to remember for years to come! We hope to see you again the next time!

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