Teresa Nousiainen. Source: Elena Kask
Teresa Nousiainen. Source: Elena Kask

Queens of Tallinn Team Competition – With added prizes!

Poker OlyBet Poker 01.11.2023

Join the fun vibe with the Team Competition during Queens Of Tallinn and form your winning team.

Just like the Kings of Tallinn Poker Festival, also Queens Of Tallinn will include a Free to Enter Ladies Only Team Challenge! “Olybet throws in 9 extra tickets to the Kings of Tallinn Ladies event” for the top three teams.

Form a Team of three ladies and collect points for your team by entering Queens Of Tallinn Tournaments and additional points by cashing in any of the ranking events, satellites, and event #9 excluded.

The team competition’s prize pool is funded by removing 2% from qualifying events’ prize pools to the Queens Of Tallinn 2023 Team Challenge Prize Pool.

Don’t worry if you’re traveling to Queens of Tallinn alone – the organizers will help to team you up with other lady players.

The Team registration is open until Friday 1st, at 8 pm, and in order to receive points from a ranking, the Team must be registered before the respective event starts. Except for the Queens of Tallinn Main Event, where team registration will close Friday, December 1st at 8 pm.

All Team members must play a minimum of one Queens of Tallinn ranking event. The points of all three team members will be summed up, and the Team with the most points will be crowned as Team Challenge Queens of Tallinn.

60% of the Team Challenge prize pool will go to the winning team and 40% to the runner-up team. Olybet is also adding personal tickets to the Kings of Tallinn “Ladies Event”, which will be held in February 2024 for the three top teams in the ranking. The tickets are worth €150 each.
Points for the Queens Of Tallinn 2023 Team Challenge are calculated based on the prize money earned from a tournament divided by the amount of the average tournament buy-in (without a fee).


  • Buy in: €315 + €35.
  • Unique Entries: 210
  • Re-entries: 80
  • Total Prize Pool: 290 x €315 = €91,350

Calculating the winner’s points when the winner received €18,270:

Total prize pool €91,350 divided by the unique player number (210 in this example)

  • €91,350: 210 = 435
  • Amount won: €18,270.
  • €18,270: 435 = 42

This player will receive 42 points + 1 participation point.

Players receive one (1) point for every Queens of Tallinn ranking event they play (excluding satellites and event #9), and additional points are earned by cashing from events, making the money. Please note that re-entries do not reward additional points.

You can find more information and also register your team here

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