The poker player’s all-time female money list: top five female poker legends

Poker OlyBet 05.03.2024

In the world of poker, women have always defied the odds and proven their exceptional skill and ability at the tables. While poker has historically been dominated by men, there is an elite group of women who have not only held their own but have risen to the top of the game. Let’s delve into the profiles of the top five female players on the all-time money list, highlighting their remarkable achievements and contributions to the world of poker.

1. Vanessa Selbst

Leading the pack is Vanessa Selbst, an American former professional poker player with an astonishing career earnings of $11,906,247. She holds the distinction of being one of only three female players to have won three WSOP bracelets. Selbst’s strategic brilliance and determination have cemented her status as one of the best female players in poker history.

2. Kristen Bicknell

Kristen Bicknell, a Canadian poker sensation, has earned over $7.5 million in career earnings. A four-time WSOP bracelet winner, Bicknell’s adaptability and intelligence have propelled her to the upper ranks of the poker world. Her success serves as an inspiration to aspiring female players around the world.

3. Kathy Liebert

American poker player Kathy Liebert secures third place on the all-time female money list with career earnings of over $6.8 million. With a WSOP bracelet to her name and a string of impressive cashes dating back to the early 90s, Liebert’s enduring presence on the poker circuit speaks volumes about her tenacity and skill.

4. Maria Ho

Maria Ho, a Chinese-American poker player, is fourth on the all-time female money list with career earnings of more than $5.2 million. Known for her exceptional skill and strategic thinking, Ho’s impact on the game is immeasurable. A loyal supporter of the advancement of women in poker, Ho continues to fight for equality and representation.

5. Annie Duke

Rounding out the top five is Annie Duke, an American former professional poker player with over $4.2 million in live earnings. Despite facing challenges and controversy throughout her career, Duke’s resilience and determination have marked her status as a legendary figure in the poker world. A trailblazer and innovator, Duke’s contributions to the game continue to inspire generations of players.


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