Three Players Win Trophies on Sunday at OlyBet Showdown Vilnius Ace Breaker

Poker Jason Glazer 29.01.2024

The second edition of the OlyBet Showdown Vilnius Ace Breaker awarded three trophies on Sunday with Dominykas Morkunas winning the most prestigious event thus far in the €350 NLH Progress Knockout Warm-Up. Aurimas Vaitekunas and Dainius Kudarauskas also brought home trophies later in the day. A famous stand-up comedian and TV host, Mantas Katleris, added a final table appearance to his poker resume.

The OlyBet Showdown Vilnius Ace Breaker boasts 26 numbered events from Jan. 27 until Feb. 4, highlighted by the €555 Main Event starting on Tuesday and the €1,100 High Roller starting on Friday at Olympic Casino Lietuva, located in the heart of the beautiful Lithuanian capital of Vilnius.

Read on to learn more about what transpired on the second day:

Dominykas Morkunas Wins €350 Warm-Up

It is rare for the player leading a final table let alone a final day to win an event without much of a sweat. This is exactly what happened on Sunday when local hero Dominykas Morkunas shipped the two-day Event #1: €350 NLH Progressive Knockout Warm-Up for €6,050 plus a lot more in the many progressive bounties he collected along the way including the final big bounty.

Morkunas led the final 26 players leading into the final day. It was an all-Lithuanian affair in the money after Ukraine’s Leonov Serhii and Mexico’s Jorge Nestor De La Torre Plascencia advanced to the final day but failed to reach the final 17 players, who were all guaranteed at least a €460 payout from the prize pool.

It was a dazzling display by Morkunas. He was the table captain once again at the final table before cruising ahead to victory after defeating Martynas Kaulakys heads-up en route to the title.

OlyBet Showdown Vilnius Ace Breaker Event #1: €350 NLH Progressive Bounty Warm-Up

139 entries, €42,590 prize pool (including bounties)

  1. Dominykas Morkunas (Lithuania) – €6,050
  2. Martynas Kaulakys (Lithuania) – €6,050
  3. Airidas Bagdzevicius (Lithuania) – €4,050
  4. Aleksandr Naumov (Lithuania) – €2,620
  5. Marek Zigel (Lithuania) – €1,970
  6. Vytautas Sapogas (Lithuania) – €1,480
  7. Linas Petruskevicius (Lithuania) – €1,090
  8. Gerardas Luksenas (Lithuania) – €800
  9. Mantas Stankevicius (Lithuania) – €600
  10. Tomas Gudaitis (Lithuania) -€520
  11. Arturas Dauksevic (Lithuania) – €520
  12. Zydrunas Karcemarskas (Lithuania) – €520
  13. Andrius Mazeika (Lithuania) – €520
  14. Ignas Misiunas (Lithuania) – €520
  15. Justinas Adomauskas (Lithuania) – €460
  16. Kazimieras Ramaska (Lithuania) – €460
  17. Vytautas Kacerauskas (Lithuania) – €460

** Prizes above do not include knockout prizes. **

Aurimas Vaitekunas Wins €250 NLH Bounty Hunter

Lithuania’s Aurimas Vaitiekunas was the second player to win a trophy on Sunday after defeating Norway’s Lasse Melby heads-up in Event #4: €250 NLH Bounty Hunter for €3,222 plus bounties and made it a trifecta for local players winning trophies in the first three events.

This was the second time in Lithuanian poker history Vatiekunas has hoisted a trophy in Vilnius as two years ago he shipped the €500 NLH High Roller PKO at the Lithuanian Masters for €3,850 plus bounties.

The event was tons of fun and attracted not only people from the poker community but one famous local celebrity in Mantas Katleris. Katleris proved he is more than a famous television host and comedian and managed to advance all the way to the final table among the 108 entries before bowing out in seventh place for €570 plus bounties.

OlyBet Showdown Vilnius Ace Breaker Event #4: €250 NLH Bounty Hunter

108 entries, €23,242 prize pool (including bounties)

  1. Aurimas Vaitiekunas (Lithuania) – €3,222
  2. Lasse Melby (Norway) – €2,240
  3. Sirak Oganisian (Lithuania) – €1,570
  4. Vilius Zabarauskas (Lithuania) – €1,190
  5. Maris Hralovskis (Latvia) – €950
  6. Ignas Lasauskas (Lithuania) – €730
  7. Mantas Katleris (Lithuania) – €570
  8. Marius Verikas (Lithuania) – €450
  9. Patrikas Aglinskas (Lithuania) – €360
  10. Elvinas Vitkevicius (Lithuania) – €290
  11. Raimondas Zilenas (Lithuania) – €290
  12. Mantas Raminas (Lithuania) – €290
  13. Zilvinas Gaizutis (Lithuania) – €290

** Prizes above do not include knockout prizes. **

Dainius Kudarauskas Wins €120 NLH/PLO Two Games Turbo

Lithuania’s Dainius Kudarauskas made it four-for-four for Lithuanian winners in trophy events thus far at the OlyBet Showdown Vilnius Ace Breaker after defeating a field of 56 entries including Paulius Simonaitis heads-up to win Event #6: €120 NLH/PLO Two Games Turbo for €1,716 after approximately 6 ½ hours of play.

Kudarauskas might be known as a specialist in this game as this is the second time in as many years he has shipped this event as back in June 2023 he won the €120 NLH/PLO Round of Each at the OlyBet Vilnius Showdown for €1,823. This doesn’t mean he hasn’t had other success as he has won other trophies in different events in both Vilnius and Tallinn.

OlyBet Showdown Vilnius Ace Breaker Event #6: €120 NLH/PLO Two Games Turbo

56 entries, €5,376 prize pool

  1. Dainius Kudarauskas (Lithuania) – €1,716
  2. Paulius Simonaitis (Lithuania) – €1,150
  3. Dominykas Ruskys (Lithuania) – €810
  4. Olegas Tiuninas (Lithuania) – €550
  5. Tomas Smilgevicius (Lithuania) – €450
  6. Robertas Zebrauskis (Lithuania) – €380
  7. Zigmas Pekarskas (Lithuania) – €320

Monday Schedule (Jan. 29, 2024)

The Vilnius Ace Breaker is just getting started with the biggest and best events still yet to come including the €555 Main Event. Players can qualify for the Main Event for just €30 via a plethora of live satellites at Olympic Casino Vilnius including one starting on Monday at 12 p.m. which allows for €30 rebuys and add-ons.

Players will battle for trophies starting at 4 p.m. with the start of the one-day Event #8: €350 Monday Special. A second trophy will be awarded later in the evening in Event #9: €150 Monday Express starting at 9 p.m.

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